Uantanamo Bay and the Inequality surrounding it

The writing assignment for the class will be a paper with a minimum of 8 pages and maximum of 10 pages (excluding bibliography and title page). You must write on the topic that is provided below. This paper is intended to encourage students to:

1. Apply critical thinking techniques to the opinions and statements that they see and hear.
2. Challenge assumptions and unconscious biases.
3. Synthesize their own positions.
4. Develop an understanding and appreciation of the nature and value of evidence in forming opinion.

Your essay should demonstrate that you have done extensive information gathering on the subject and that your conclusions were reached after careful consideration of the arguments surrounding the topic. You also need to write it well: grammar, style, and organization will affect how the essay is evaluated.
Consult a style manual or the Writing Center on campus if you are uncertain of the correct ways to cite sources, to use footnotes and write a bibliography.

Question: a?Seek out and select a policy issue related to national and/or global
inequality. Summarize the issue/problem, discuss how the main ideologies frame the issue, develop an analysis about which dominant actors and forces are the main causes of inequality, and prescribe a solution that is based on your understanding of the causes.a?

Write a thoughtful and analytical essay in response to the above question. The essay
i. Make reference to different sides of the issue.
ii. Provide your informed argument on the issue.
iii. Make reference to real situations to support your argument.
iv. Address what change(s) you would most like to see

i § A minimum of six academic sources (which include scholarly journals and books) must be used. Textbooks for this class and encyclopedias may be used, but they do not qualify as academic sources. The paper must include internal citations and a complete bibliography. You can make use of websites, but you must be sure whether or not an internet source is valid before using it. Websites do not count as academic sources. Do NOT use Wikipedia for anything you will cite or address in your paper.

More than the research itself your paper should reflect your thoughts n how the SPECIFIC issue deals with inequality and what are YOUR solutions to this problem.

On May 20, 2009 the U.S Senate passed an amendment to the Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2009 to cut funds that aid in the release and/or transfer of detainees at Guantanamo Bay, an amendment that directly halts President Obamaas plan to close the camp within a year from when he first took office.
The abuse and torture of another human life for the sake of national security is clearly played out at Guantanamo Bay, and with this amendment one can argue that a systematic process of inequality is being played out in the case of human rights. Should terrorists and those merely suspected of this activity be stripped of their humanity in the name of keeping our country safe? This is the question one is posed with when examining the various torture techniques coupled with the unlawful imprisonment of various people. To explore the different sides and reasons for this controversial site one can look towards ideologies such as classical and contemporary liberalism, and on the other hand look towards contemporary conservatism and neo-conservatism for a completely different outlook. The main actors and forces that keep this issue relevant are those who fight for human rights at any level vs. those who see the rights of some individuals as flexible when dealing with matters of national security. A reasonable solution would be to first assign new prisons for a set number of detainees. Once this is arranged the prisoners can be sent out to these various sites and await trial and investigation like all U.S prisoners.
a? The issue with Guantanamo Bay is that post-9/11 fear drove much irrational action in the eyes of some, and a necessary evil to protect American sovereignty for others.
a? Ideologies such as classical and contemporary liberals would argue that such unlawful detention of human beings violates every facet of our natural rights.
a? Other ideologies such as contemporary and neo-conservatism would argue that in times of war and in matters dealing with the sovereignty of our nation, such steps must be taken to protect the good of the whole and keep a firm hand in matters of foreign affairs.
a? Some main forces in this issue would be politicians and people belonging to the ideologies above, President Barrack Obama and former President George Bush, and the Supreme Court itself.
a? The reason that it is necessary to dissipate these prisoners to various U.S prisons is so that they may have the right to due process just as everyone else and so that their cases may be handled with the same scrutiny as everyone elseas.