Uban Missile Crisis and the International System

The paper assignment calls for you to write an analytical, research paper of approximately 3500-4000 words of text (about 13-15 pages Times New Roman 12pt. type) on a topic chosen from another handout. Mere narration is not acceptable for this paper.

Note: You may not employ Wikipedia for any purpose in your paper.

Additional information:

1. Papers must take a point of view based upon the reading of suitable primary and pertinent secondary sources.

2. Paper must contain at least four primary sources as part of the materials that constitute the core of research for the paper.

3. All sources used in the writing of the paper will be listed in a bibliography at the end of the paper in the following order:

Hard-copy primary sources
Electronic primary sources (provide URL or other appropriate descriptor)
Secondary sources: books, articles, and electronically retrieved secondary sources.

4. All material pertinent to the argument in your paper must have a source.

This is a research paper as well as an analytical paper. Notes for all quotations and for the material that forms the factual or narrative content of the paper will appear at the end of the paper, numbered consecutively (1, 2, 3 . . .).

Use Link Below for Primary Sources