Uel needed to boost up the female workforce; Gender Diversity at the workplace in the Financial Industry

General guidelines for dissertation
Word limit: excluding cover page, references, bibliography, table of contents and appendices.

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a? Adequate left margin for binding
a? Font should by Times New Roman or Arial (point 12)
a? Line spacing should be 1.5 or double
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a? Listing References: You should use the Harvard convention and arrange alphabetically
Typical Structure
a? Cover Page: include Module name and code; Title of your project; Your name and student ID; Word count
a? Executive Summary/Abstract (200 words, +/-10%): this should briefly describe the scope of your dissertation, the question being asked and conclusions reached.
a? Contents Page: include Table of Contents, List of Figures (not included in word count)
a? Introduction: Background, aim(s) & objectives of the dissertation, and a clear statement of the question(s) that you analyse and the methodology you are using.
a? Main body of the dissertation: each part (Literature Review, Data Analysis etc) should be numbered with section headings and subheadings, as necessary (this would be expected to represent the largest part of the dissertation ie at least 3,000 words in a 5,000 word dissertation).
a? Conclusion/Recommendations: this needs to be linked to the preceding analysis highlighting key findings and any limitations.
a? List of References : Using Harvard convention and alphabetically ordered (not included in word count).
a? Appendices: only include items (data, that have been used fairly extensively in the body of your dissertation (not included in word count)

Please try to follow this structure which I have already discussed and got approved by my tutor:

Fuel needed to boost up the female workforce; Gender Diversity in the Financial Industry



1. Aim: To show the importance and the benefits of empowering women at work

a. What are the typical characteristics of the workforce in the financial industry?
b. Do companies recognise the value of attracting and retaining female employees?
c. What evidence of gender inequality exists that leads to discrimination?
d. Do companies have a strong commitment to diversity and what actions do they take to support female leaders?

2. For whom is my piece of paper and why does it add value?:

a. In general addressed to women that strive for success and achievement but most importantly for less powerful, less determined and repressed female individuals that are facing inequalities or barriers in developing in their working positions (from zero –to senior positions)
b. A helpful piece of paper that underpins the economic participation of women and favours positive changes in the social status of women, adequate for individuals in countries representing high levels of inequality or barriers to women participation at work
c. For leaders in companies but also government, public institutions, politics etc. By describing them the powerful effects of a supportive women environment they can be inspired to enrol, recruit and also retain more women in controlling and serious positions and boost developments
d. Broader scope: Economic power can be achieved in less developed countries!! Would result to a huge change in countries like Saudi Arabia

Methodology: (Qualitative Research)
o Secondary data: interview analysis of female leaders in the financial industry (Goldman Sachs/UBS, can be found in the internet), women societies (what other women say that are in senior positions), statistical proofs e.g. gender gap index
o Primary: in depth analysis of 10 interviews, analyse data of designed questionnaire

Literature Review: (Secondary data) (you must perform brief critical review of about 15 relevant JOURNAL articles here!!)
a? Financial Industry: A male dominated environment?
o Gender gap: More male leaders (Show statistics)
o Discrimination
o Evolution of the women role
o Equal employment Opportunities?

a? The characteristics & requirements of the work force
o Male skills
o Long working hours
o Family impact
o Travel needs

a? The value of supporting the female workforce
o Diversity contributes to Business Success: Statistical proofs of higher performance with female leaders
o National basis success (half of the total workforce is women, more participation would increase global economy)…Show evidence!
o Women abilities, strengths and qualities are valuable, should be appreciated and used (not pushed away)

a? Organisational Commitment types:
o After pregnancy integration program
o Gender/ Discrimination policy,
o Female leadership training program (e.g. Goldman Sachs)
o Female society

Data Analysis: