Uest speakers & Analysis of Lifestyling case study

This assignment contain two parts and this is the details of my notes which will be very helpful to follow and I will upload a brief of the assignment, models and other document that will help you in writing, if it is possible.

Referencing and evidence

i?? Support what they are saying
i?? Support statement i?? whati??s based on what does it refer toi??
i?? HR theory organizational examples e.g. gest speaker i??John Lewis and HR consultancyi??
i?? Statistics, economy extent for wide range
i?? Quality of sources

Grammar & Proofreading

i?? The cohesion of your answers, no long paragraph or sentences
i?? Personal tutor

Presentation & writing style

i?? i??Ii?? only on the comment about the guest speaker

Range of appropriateness sources

i?? Mintel, keynote, reliable media sources.


i?? Sub heading / no poll of point
i?? Introduction, main body, conclusion
i?? Which issue they will
i?? Statistics up to date e.g. 2013 support what you are saying

Part A

i?? Sense of comparing
i?? No describing very brief
i?? What I learned to
i?? What I think their approach is
i?? Why is it more into hard where is the link to the lecturer.
i?? Evidence the significance of their issues and what they say
i?? Use their website and refer to it
i?? Theories and models / e.g. soft and hard model

Capital Insight

i?? What services does the capital insight HR consultancy and how does it provide them
o Retain contract / pay them until they have them hard
o Small firms use them / manageable service low cost
o On going monthly payment
o Interim support / limited time & help the department
o Very specific e.g. conflict management
o Outsourcing service wider / consultancy
o One to one LEO / pay for limited time

i?? The use of soft and hard model / how the employees meeting and not just resourcing them
i?? Increasing area, paying attention for reputation can be stressful / issue

John Lewis
i?? What is distinctive about the structure and personnel / HR management of John Lewis partnership
i?? How does it add values to the organization
i?? How does this distinctive structure and approach influence key HRM processes e.g. succession planning, talent planning, employee engagement, performance management
i?? What did I learn about how they do HRM
i?? What are the benefits of this approach to HRM to the partners, organization and customers
i?? What changes have John Lewis made in relation to personnel management and why have they made them

Part B

i?? Understand the context / life cycle & business
i?? Why are these issues is important.
i?? Small number of issues to critical evaluate them
i?? Qualify of your answer
i?? Issue either direct e.g. staff turnover
i?? PESTLE not direct, but will have an implication
i?? SWOT internal direct issues on HRM
i?? Relevant theories and models
i?? Recommended future research & suggestion of succession planning

Case study analysis

i?? UK, department store
i?? What type of organization
i?? Context, geographically
i?? Does it physically high
i?? What size
i?? How they are doing HR
i?? Why it is relevant
i?? Look at it on a practical way
i?? What they say e.g. about turnover
i?? Whati??s happening in
i?? Link this organization and what has been in similar organization
i?? Use the whole tear to help demonstrate your understanding
i?? Identify problems
i?? Why this solution are important
i?? Discuses the implementation
i?? The case study tells you tells is it facts or opinion
i?? Not follow what senior manager say and suggest something
i?? Recommendation what would happen if nothing were done?
i?? Strengths and weakness internal issues case study
i?? Opportunity & Treats external issues Mintel, key not
i?? PESTEL external
i?? Focus in most important
i?? Why they are important
i?? Why should life style focus on those
i?? External environmental issues
i?? PESTEL not all like about HR and the important of how it affect it
i?? Should they do something about
i?? Internal select the most important and justify why the business should add them

Style of analysis

i?? Critical same issues, different views
i?? Keep looking at making criteria
i?? Analyzing the situation deeper understanding
i?? Doni??t tell what in the case study
i?? Flag issues from the case study

Organizational example

i?? John Lewis
o What are they doing
o How they tackling the issues
i?? M&S
o How reliable are they
o Whati??s the lit


i?? Final statements
i?? What are the key messages
i?? So what / next steps

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