Uide to Mental Health Self-Help Support Group Experience.

Learning Objectives

On completing this experience, the student will:

1. Identify the focus of the support group and relationship to mental illness.
2. Identify the purpose and philosophy of the group.
3. Describe the dynamics of the group that you attend.
4. Evaluate the group success in meeting the purpose and
5. Utilize the related literature to better understand the function of the group.
6. Empathize with the experience of the group members.

Guidelines for the Experience:
Faculty must approve selection of group.

” Attend group in two or three students.
” Select an anonymous 12 step group such as AA, Alonon, Co-dependants; refer to material listed on BB.
” When you attend first name only, choose, an open or beginners group. First name only.
” Remember confidentiality.

Describe the group experience:

” Describe group demographics: Name of group, time and place and how you chose this particular group.
” Describe group dynamics: Include character of the group. (size, gender, age range, cultural heterogeneity or homogeneity, educational and socioeconomic levels
” Describe the role of the leader and type of leadership is displayed, how members interact with each other, your perception of group cohesiveness, the phase of the group, and how problem solving and conflict resolution was achieved.
” Evaluate the effectiveness of the group toward meeting its stated philosophy and purpose. Include your own feelings about attending this meeting.
” Two references; Use literature to better understand group s function and significance.