Uideline for Contaminated Site Remediation

a? Serves as the written procedures for contaminated site remediation.
a? Provides a framework for the key issues that need to be considered throughout remediation programs.
a? For clear understanding of Contaminated site remediation involvement from every level of the company.
a? To demonstrate the laid down policies, regulations, standards, and procedures for Contaminated site remediation
a? Laid down procedure for any contaminated site, which ensure compliance with HSE requirements.
a? To ensure that reports prepared by consultants, Contractors, or and any responsible party on the investigation and remediation of contaminated land contain sufficient and appropriate information.
a? To enable efficient review by regulators, the Site Auditor and other interested parties.
a? This guideline describes the HSE expectations for those who undertake remediation projects.
a? To provide careful planning prior to remediation, and provide significant results in the control of both predictable and preventable environmental impacts.
a? These guidelines assist and improved compliance with the general environmental duty and specific environmental policies.
a? This guideline procedure provides information to the site owners, and other authorities who may have an interest in site contamination and remediation.
a? Encourage HSE at all times in all areas.

a? This guideline describes the process that is used to manage (e.g. identify, assess, remediate) contaminated or potentially contaminated sites
a? Establish recommended procedures for contaminated site remediation.
a? Guidelines provided to ensure compliance with the general environmental duty and specific environmental policies, standards, and regulations.
a? Contaminated site remediation procedure from the Initial notification stage up to the Site closure stage.
a? To give a clear procedure of planning process, roles and responsibilities.
a? The procedure also intends to explore the regulations governing the Environmental management of site remediation.
a? This guideline describes, in detail, the environmental aspects that must be considered, and planned before starting a remediation project.
a? Checklist has been prepared to help achieve a uniform approach in reporting on contaminated sites and ensure that environmental issues have been addressed to satisfaction.
a? Use of checklist in conjunction with the objectives, and the purpose stated.
a? Training

a? This document explains various logistics, regulations, procedures put in place by various organizations concerned contaminated site remediation.
a? Roles and Responsibility
a? Regulatory framework
a? Contaminated site management
a? Initial notification
a? Initial site assessment for contaminated sites
a? Preparation of remedial action plan
a? Remedial Action plan implementation (RAP)
a? Site closure
a? Guidelines for environmental management of site remediation
a? Remediation management plan (RMP)
a? Environmental Management Plan (EMP)
a? This document develops a set of written contaminated site remediation procedures.
a? Use of checklist