Uideline for Development of An Evidence Review

APA 6th edition format. The purpose of paper is to retrieve, appraise and synthesize research evidence relavant to the following PICOT question: In Registered nurses caring for ostomy aptients how does educational training using an anatomical model compared to written literature alone affect nurses ostomy skills?
Research articles to be used 2005-2015 for the following
1. Retrieve, review and appraise primary evidence ( 5 studies), Systemic reviews( 2 studies integrated evidence), and analyze 2 professional guidelines/ recommendations. Then synthesize and compare primary and integrated evidence with guidelines and recommendations leading to a conclusion statement ( 2 pages). Finish with a summary of your reflection of this learning experience ( 2 paragraphs), create a reference list.
Primary sources from databases for example CINAHL and appraised using AGREE II tool. Integrated review ( systematic reviews) from data bases and appraise with AGREE II tool. The professional guidlines/ recommendation acess from wound ostomy continence society, National Guidline Clearinghouse , Joanna Briggs Institute.

For the paper ensure synthesize across research reports and systematic review. Do primary studies and systematic review conclude the same thing? How do they differ? Next report on the practice recommendations and guidelines by professional organizations. Are they current? Do they reflect the evidence found in sytematic reviews and primary stufies? Draw conclusions and formulate implications for Nurse practitioners looking after patients following ostomy surgery. Comment on what you learnt in this process, not only in relation to PICOT question , but also in terms of evidence based practice.

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