Ukushima nuclear plant incident in 2011

Pollution of the environment is of concern because of the effects thatcontaminants can have on human and ecological health. Pollution isoften gradual, with subtle and contentious effects due to cumulativechronic exposure, but there have also been cases of spills andemissions with clear and immediate effects. Choose an example ofan actual pollution incident in which effects on human health wereobserved. Provide a brief summary (2000 words) of the actualincident, describing the pollutant linkage (source, pathway andreceptor) and conduct a risk assessment for the situation thatled to the incident. Consider the hazards, risks and controlmeasures:What characteristics of this activity could result in environmentalemissions?What are the contaminants of concern?What are the characteristics of the contaminants that: a) affect theirfate and behaviour in the environment, and b) cause effects onhuman health?What are the risks associated with the relevant activities andcontaminant characteristics?What measures can be used to control these risks?Finally, discuss the effects of the incident, and any action taken tomitigate the consequences or clean-up the environment.Try to be quantitative in your discussion and avoid vaguegeneralisations or unsupported commentary.

Assessment criteria:
Appropriateness of title
Clear identification of pollutant linkage
Clear identification of hazards, risks and control measures
Technical depth and soundness of quantitative information about
contaminant characteristics, health effects and
mitigation/remediation measuresReferences (aim for 3 good sources)WritingStructure/organisationAccuracy, precision, clarity, style of expression
Presentation:Format text for output on A4 paper, with 2.5 cmmargins.Use Times New Roman 12 pt font, single-spacing, fulljustification, no indenting of paragraphs, and a single blank spacebetweenparagraphs.Ifthestandardofpresentationisunacceptable, the report will be returned unmarked