Ulcher of Chartres and Usmah ibn Mundiqh

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Reading resource: Fulcher of Chartres (selections: asp (c)Paul Halsall
Usmah Ibn Munqidh (selections): usamah2.html (c)Paul Halsall
Week 10 Assignment: Fulcher of Chartres and Usmah ibn Mundiqh
Background: Fulcher of Chartres represents a European Christian perspective on the First
Crusade. In fact, he participated in the capture of Jerusalem in 1099. Usmah ibn Mundiqh represents an Islamic perspective on the presence of the Franks in the Levant and the circumstances directly preceding the Third Crusade (1189-A­a?92).
Question: Is there any meaningful relation between the Persian invasions of Greece in
480 and the Crusades of 11th and 12th century? Or are they unrelated episodes that should be understood in light of their unique historical periods and contexts?
Formatting: 1-A­a?1.5 pages, New Times Roman, double-A­a?spaced, normal margins
Structure: First Paragraph: Thesis and 2 Solid Supporting Arguments Second Paragraph: Supporting Argument 1 Third Paragraph: Supporting Argument 2
Citations: Since these readings are not enumerated, provide the name of the author and the context (Fulcher, the speech of Pope Urban II; Fulcher, on the capture of Jerusalem…)