Ulf Regional Legal Environment of Business

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* explain the importance of law to the society and the source of law.
* Based on Tort of Law explain the attached case .
* Since the owner refuse to accept his fault , Omar decided to sue him in the court of law. discuss whether Omar can win the case.
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Ulf Regional Legal Environment of Business

This tutorial requires students to demonstrate an ability to analyse business contractual problems and apply the law to provide appropriate solutions.

Be prepared to discuss the following two scenarios in your tutorial:


Mohamad is Office Manager at One plus One, a firm of accountants. One Monday, after the delivery of ten new computers, Mohamad is authorised to sell the old ones at the Best pricehe can. Mohamad telephones Aziz, at XYZ Office Supplies, who are well known locally for purchasing second-hand office equipment. Mohamad offers to sell the old computers to Aziz for RO 2000 and promises to leave the offer open until 5pm on Friday. On Wednesday, Bill, a client of Mohamadas, offers to purchase the old computers for RO 3500. Mohamad accepts Bills offer and immediately posts a letter to Aziz advising him that the computers have now been sold and therefore no longer available to Aziz Before he received Mohamadas letter, Aziz posts a letter on Thursday agreeing to buy the computers at RO 2000. Mohamadas letter arrives on Friday.

(With reference to the law of contract only, be prepared to advise all relevant parties).

Would your advice be any different if:

1] Aziz had posted a letter agreeing to buy the computers at RO 3000?
2] Aziz had e-mailed his agreement to purchase the computers on Thursday for RO 2000 instead of posting a letter?


One day, Salleh a builder by trade, meets up with Jalil, an old school friend, in the local market. During the course of their conversation, Jalil mentions that his apartment is Badly in need of repairand asks Salleh to a?help him out.a? Salleh agrees that he will do All the necessary repairsfor RO 10000. Two weeks later, when Salleh has half-finished the work, he tells Jalil Ive priced the job too low, and will need to charge you RO 12000 instead.Jalil refuses to pay the extra and reminds Salleh that they have a legal agreement for RO 10000 and he must therefore do what he has promised. After the work is completed however, Jalil is so impressed with Sallehs efforts, that he promises him an extra RO 1000. 3 months have passed since the work was completed; Salleh has asked Jalil for the extra money but he now refuses to pay Salleh any extra. (With reference to the law of contract only, be prepared to advise Salleh and Jalil).