Ulf War syndrome  how have epidemiological studies helped with recognition of this syndrome?

Key aspects of the assignment are:

it should be in the form of a structured review.

it focuses on epidemiological methods.

Introduction A clear description of the background to the condition your assignment is about. The introduction is likely to include a summary of, the understanding of the cause of the disease, the effects on the body, any important trigger factors, significant epidemiological studies that contribute to current understanding of the disease. Your introduction should make it clear which aspect of the epidemiology of the disease your essay is going to address.

Review of methods The epidemiological methods that have been used should be clearly identified, with a critical evaluation of the study design. The relationship of each study to another should be clear.

Conclusions The findings of the studies should be summarized and discussed with respect to the methods used and how each study supported or contradicted previous studies. Suggestions for further work to be included if appropriate.

Style The essay should be written in a clear readable style, with well supported arguments for the points made.
Correctly cited according to the Harvard system. References selected from appropriate sources  e.g. peer reviewed journals, current academic textbooks.