Ulfstream G650 Maintenance: Control of maintenance expenses

I need to develop an organizational behavior analysis for a Gulfstreams G60 program.
My analysis needs to address aspects of leadership, organizational design, organizational culture, managerial roles, global business, change and innovations, e-commerce, and e-business. The discussion should include the various theories that apply as well as examples of practical application and other significant attributes. The paper should have 12 -15 pages of content (excluding appendices, table of contents, abstract, reference and bibliography).
Need to have the following elements:
a? Executive Summary
a? Aspects of Leadership
a? Organizational Design (Compare and contrast current and possible new design based on culture, changes, and innovations)
a? Change and Innovations
a? Managerial Roles
a? Global Business Aspects
a? E-commerce/E-business
a? References