ULL analysis of Grbavica (the movie) + Women Rape in Bosnia

Dear writer,

Kindly write a full analysis of the movie Grbavica (about the Bosnian genocide). Why did it win best picture in the Berlin Film Festival (what makes it so special?) + what angles did they use in the film to make it have a greater effect and impact on the viewers and on the situation itself? + critique about the movie as a whole (everything one needs to know about this film). It should be clear even to those who did not see the film. 2 pages and a half on that and 2 pages and a half about the women who were raped in Bosnia (the rape camps) and everything about the women in Bosnia. Everything one needs to know about how women were treated during that time and so on. Once payment goes through, I shall attach a few documents that should help you write all of this.
I hope everything is clear.

Thanking you in advance,
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