Ullivers Travels & Candide Reflection Paper

The following are ideas that need to be address in the reflection paper:

1. Both characters names Gulliver (gullible) and Candide (candid) represent a person who is quite naive at first, but will undergo changes. The movie Forest Gump is in fact based on Candide. Both characters are on voyages of self-discovery. Discuss where they go and how thier travels change them. For example, why is Gulliver so comfortable on the Island of the horses.

2. Both books are satires. Discuss what is being satirized in each book and give specific examples from the stories. For example, the scientists and intellectuals of the Age of Reason are being satirized in Gullivers third voyage to the floating island of Laputa.

3. Discuss some of the other characters in the stories and how they interact with the main characters. For example, why does Gulliver change his mind about the Lilliputians and why does Candide eventually realize that Dr. Pangloss may not be right about things.

4. What does Candide mean when he says at the end that we must cultivate our gardens?