Ulteral and Ethical Factors for International Business in Brazil

This paper is for a Senior-level University International Business class. The country that is being written about is Brazil. After you have gathered research on the various culture of Brazil, write a 5-7 pages of text, formatted in APA style (i.e., double-space, in text citations must match references on reference page).

Be sure to include headings a through j in that order on the actual paper.

1. Title page
2. Text pages
a. Introductory paragraph(s) that includes concept discussion of cultural and ethical l factors that affect international business decisions.

b. History that influences current business activities.

c. Language and verbal and nonverbal communication customs.

d. Education system and literacy rates

e. Role of social institutions, such as family, religion, labor unions, and place of employment

f. Shopping practices and commonly eaten foods unique to the country.

g. Major holidays and customs

h. Business practices related to place of employment, types of businesses, length of workday and hiring practices

i. Ethical practices Employment practices, human rights, environmental regulations, corruption, and the moral obligations of multinational corporations.

j. Concluding paragraph(s) that includes discussion of the following questions:
i. What were your primary sources of information about the country? How easy or difficult was it to find information?

ii.Can you think of specific products that are in high demand in your home country that would simply not work in your chosen country because of cultural factors?

iii.How do you think foreign firms assess your home culture as they contemplate introducing their products into your market?

3. Reference page