Ultural Analysis of Susan Glaspellas a?Triflesa? and Edith Whartonas a?Roman Fevera?

Cultural Analysis: This course contained a blend of traditional and minority/multicultural literature, a focus that was intended since we are a nation predicated on different racial and ethnic origins, after all. Multicultural and minority studies are essential when considering The big picture”–or the entire landscape–of what it means to be American. African Americans, Native Americans (otherwise known as American Indians), Hispanics, Indians, and Asian Americans contribute to the globalization of American literature, adding richness and variety to our literary tradition. Using Susan Glaspellas a?Triflesa? and Edith Whartonas a?Roman Fevera?, write a critical response in 2-3 pages showing how literature by such traditionally Marginalizedfigures can highlight their status as outsider or Otherin society in such a way that reaches out to encourage awareness and understanding in its mainstream members.


Your essays should be in MLA Style and approximately 2-3 pages (not including the Works Cited page). In the upper left-hand corner of the paper, place your name, the professoras name, the course name, and the due date for the assignment on consecutive lines. Double space your information from your name onward, and dont forget a title. All papers should be in Times New Roman font with 12-point type with one-inch margins all the way around your paper. All paragraph indentations should be indented five spaces (use the tab key) from the left margin.