Ultural Analysis Paper on a Visit to Disneyland and/or California Adventure theme parks

visit Disneyland and/or California Adventure and do a critical analysis of the park promotion of a specific Disney animated film. Choose one film assigned for this course and use this as your focus when you go to Disneyland and/or California Adventure. Select a film that is represented in a significant way in a Disneyland or California Adventure ride, attraction, or store. Check the readings for Week Four on the course web page to see special readings for this project.

Film is: Snow White

Be observant and use critical thinking skills to answer the following questions as you explore the parks:

1) On what film are you focusing your project? Identify all the attractions, rides, stores, parades, and/or shows that incorporate the characters and imagery from that film;
2) Which characters from that film are portrayed in the parks? In what ways? Which of the main characters are not depicted? Theorize about why this is the case.
3) How are the characters or images from the film used in the parks? Are they shown in rides? Parades? Shops? Other ways?
4) Are the characters or images used to sell products, food, or merchandise? How so?
5) What is the visual imagery of the ride or store or other attraction, and how does the character enhance this? What kinds of colors, textures, images, sounds, and sights are involved? How do you feel when you see the images?
6) If the film characters are part of an effort to sell food, merchandise, or other products, how are they used? How are the characters in the films presented? Are particular attractions or products designed to target girls or boys, women or men? How so? How much of the merchandise targets male consumers? Females? What are the prices of the merchandise? Are the items expensive, in your estimation?
7) Very important! Look at the labels of the merchandise and see where it way made. Record this in your notes and reflect on this in your paper.
8) Look for images of gender, race and ethnicity, economic class, sexual identity, nationality, and religion that are involved in representations of the film and its characters. Are some characters in the film highlighted, while other major characters are ignored? How so? How are these inscribed in the images and merchandise? What groups are represented, and which are ignored?
9) Apply what you are learning in the class to the consumerism of Disney parks. In addition to merchandise, what ideologies, ideas, and worldviews are they selling by using images from this film? How so? Think critically about the amount of money Disney makes from selling these images and the dreams or worldviews they represent. How are product branding and consumerism built in these attractions and images?
10) Take a couple of photosa select images that support points you will make in your paper. Email the photos to yourself and save them as jpeg or pdf documents. Post them to the Cougar Course website when you post your paper. Be sure to include your name on the titles of the photos (for example, a student named Alice Winter might title her photo: a?Alicia Mendez, Photo #1, Princess Dresses.pdfa?
11) Do some research about Disneyland and California Adventure theme parks and the revenue they generate for Disney. What kinds of profits has Disney enjoyed in recent years on these parks? How have the prices of admission changed in the last ten years? Which attractions and rides have been the biggest draws? How much do families spend when they go to the parks?
12) If you chose a film with a a?Disney Princessa? in it (including Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Ariel, Belle, Mulan, Pocahontas, Jasmine, Giselle, Tiana, and Rapunzel), do research about the marketing and sales of Disney Princess merchandise, makeovers, and movies. Who are the targeted consumers for the merchandise related to your film? Use at least six reliable sources (financial reports, news reports about Disney profits, not just undocumented information on the Internet) and cite them in your paper. If your film does not include a princess, conduct research about other merchandise and DVD sales resulting from the movie.
1) Write a 4-page, double-spaced paper, critically analyzing what you observed. Draw on the readings weave done in class to note patterns in Disney marketing and imagery. With your film in mind, focus on issues of gender, race and ethnicity, economic class, sexual identity, nationality, and religion and their representation at Disneyland and/or California Adventure. Add one page for your Works Cited a to include your four sources about Disney merchandising profits and strategies. Total length of the paper 5 pages (4-page essay + 1-page Works Cited in MLA style). Like the other assignments, use Times Roman 12-point font, one-inch margins, double-spaced, except for your name, Womenas Studies 300, and the date you wrote the paper on the top (these are single spaced). Shorter papers will not receive credit; write a little more than 4 pages so that 4 full pages of text appear on the course web page, when you upload your paper.
2) Write a conclusion, drawing together your key points from above.
3) Assignment due Nov. 13 by 5:15 PM. Submit your paper + 2 photos in jpeg or pdf format on the Cougar Course page. Be sure to include your name in the title of the photos you submit (when you save them, include your name in the title of the jpeg or pdf file).
4) Staple your admission ticket or fast pass to a piece of paper, print your name on it, and turn it in at the beginning of class on Nov. 13th.

Check out these locations and attractions, too:
a? Character greetings at various places in the parks and in restaurants;
a? Daytime parades in Disneyland and the World of Color nightly show at California Adventure;
a? Princess Fantasy Faire to the left of the Toon Town entrance (lots of princess activity here, boutique, performances);
a? Itas a Small Worlda check out all the Disney movie characters now embedded in this ride;
a? Storybook Land Canal Boatsa lots of references to Disney movies;
a? Casey Jr. Circus Traina lots of references to Disney movies;
a? Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in Fantasyland and another boutique in the Princess Fantasy Faire near the entrance to Toon Town (watch for princess make-overs here);
a? Watch the Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln attraction on Main Street and think about the imagery and ideology of American patriotism. What part of this history didnat Disney tell?
a? Fantasmic light show in California Adventure;
a? Sorcereras Workshop (California Adventure) in the building with Crushas Turtle Talk show. Check out the Beastas Library to see what kind of Disney character you are;
a? Disney pin tradinga watch for people who display and trade Disney pins in the area to the right of the Frontierland shooting gallery and in the Plaza Pavilion (toward the end of Main Street, where you turn left to go to Adventureland).

Be sure use the right grammer and put puncuation where they need to go.