Ultural and Historical Geography, Anthropogenic Change in the Ethiopian Highlands

All in regard to the Ethiopian Highlands!

Paper length: 4-6 double spaced pages, excluding figures and references.

Organization: Use headings to organize the paper. Include an introduction and a conclusion. The body of the text should be divided into separate subtopics. The subtopics are: 1) Indigenous People, 2) Conflict, 3) Natural Resource Use/History: agriculture, timber, mining, etc. 4) Religion/spiritual practices, 5) Recreation/Tourism.

Figures: all/any figures should be presented at the back of the text before the references. Figures should include detailed captions. If used, figures must be referred to one or more times in the text.

References: Include at least 5 scholarly references. This includes peer reviewed journal articles, books, and government reports. At least one of the 5 references should be a research article in which data were collected and analyzed. Up to 2 online references may be included, but be sure that it is from a credible source.