Ultural Approach to Organizations: Clifford Geertz & Michael Pacanowsky

Explain this theory in a way that could be understood by someone
unfamiliar with communication theory. Use at least one original example from
the media or your personal experience to illustrate how the theory can be

1. Introduction
2. Second Paragraph: A thorough description of the basic concepts of the theory your paper is centered on.
It is not necessary to use all the elements of a theory. You may focus on only part of the selected theory, but if you do this, you should note in your introduction that you are selecting only certain aspects of the theory.
3. Thrird Paragraph: A step-by-step explanation of what the theory can apply to, and how the theory works.
4. Forth Paragraph: A description of your example and a detailed explanation of how your example illustrates the theory.
5. Conclusion