Ultural Bereavement and Role Reversal in Students with English as a Second Language

. The paper should be a minimum of three (3) complete pages in length with the bibliography appearing on the fourth page. Included in the paper will be the following:
i § An introductory paragraph that states the purpose of the assignment and basic information about the person who is the subject of the case study.
i § An overview of this personas experiences in U.S. schools and society. Please note that this will be longer than one paragraph. This section will culminate with the following sentence: a?based upon the information provided about this informant, the following two themes were selected for further research -__________ and ____________.a?
i § Several paragraphs will be required to synthesize what is stated in the research about each theme with the informantas story. Discuss thoroughly one theme at a time. Conclude this large section of your paper with a sentence like the following,a? From the research and the case study the following recommendations for teachers may be madea¦a? You will want to bullet your recommendations.
i § After the recommendations have been made, a summary concluding paragraph will be needed. Here you will reiterate your most important points.
i § As you are writing your paper be certain to include the following information:
1. Three important pieces of information gained from the case study that were also discussed in the literature
2. Did the research match what the case study informant said? Please explain.
3. Three interesting pieces of information gained from the case study that were also discussed in the literature
4. What did the research state about your two themes? Please provide several items for each theme.
5. Who were two of the leading researchers that informed the writing of your paper?
6. What were the two most important pieces of information you want to remember from this project?
7. At least three recommendations for teachers

Use APA style for the written portion of the project. You must use at least four (4) different scholarly sources that will be cited in the text of your paper. Your textbook and handouts provided in class may not be used as sources. Please do not use any sources that exist only on the Internet. You must cite a source for every idea that is not your own. Your reference section should appear on the fourth page. Please avoid the use of first person when writing this paper. It is not an opinion paper. Note that normal 1a? margins and a font size no larger than 12. It should have an appropriate title page.