Ultural centres in the new economie and the dicussion about subsidies

It is the first draft off a thesis proposal concerning the performance of cultural centres.
In a world where museums are developing strategies to digitalize their collections, online cultural production is growing steadily, with hundreds of thousands of new images posted each day. A lot of potentially interesting work is being produced online, which never reaches the physical world. The distribution of this high quality work is increasingly decentralized, leaving museums, foundations and professional magazines at a loss on how to redefine their role as gatekeepers.
On the other hand, the time spent daily behind the computer on internet networking is pushing the demand for a physical experience of our fleeting culture.
Designers, artists, mediators and policy makers need to redefine their position, because new technologies define to a large extent today s possibilities and means of presentation and archiving. The search is for new quality criteria, new frames of references, and alternative methods for enabling connections between the virtual and the physical space of today s culture.
How does this new economy effect cultural centres?Does this new role have an impact on the effectivness of subsidies? How do the