Ultural Competence in Health Care Professional Practice

iam a university student doing summer school unit Culture, Diversity and Health. i would like this essay re-written as it will go through a website where the similarity of the essay will be compared to essays previously submitted ( which is the essay i have sent). Please pay closer attention to the paragraphs and not so much attention to the titles and subheadings please. Therefore, do not worry about the first two pages Or the final page which are the reference.

This essays criteria are :
i??Cultural and social diversity; cultural safety and culturally competent skills of health professionals are increasingly recognised as major issues in the delivery of health carei??.

With this statement in mind, write a 1500 word report that answers the following question:
What does this mean for your future professional practice (i.e. i??Health Promotion, HSM, OT, PDHPE, Physio, Podiatry, TCM, TR, Sport and Exercise Science)?

This assessment asks you to focus specifically on what cultural and social diversity, and cultural competency means both for the individual health care provider (your specific health profession), for health care institutions and health consumers in the twenty-first century. How could this promote a culturally safe healthcare environment?

Each report should include:
? Introduction (what will you discuss in your report and why is it important to discuss)
? Description of the relationship between equity, culture, diversity, and cultural competence
? Evidence of knowledge about the elements and principles of cultural competency and how they relate to your health profession
? Evidence of knowledge about policy and guidelines (local/national/international) related to cultural competence in health services and how these will affect your specific health profession/practice.
? Ability to identify what is needed to ensure i??culturally/socially safei?? professional practice for both the health practitioner and health consumer
? Recommendations about the best way that your health profession can ensure to provide culturally appropriate health services
? Conclusion (describe the main ideas presented and provide insightful thoughts to tie them all together)
? References

NOTE: my chosen profession is PODIATRY.

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