Ultural Competencies in Advaanced practice nursenurse practitioners

I am student nurse practitioner, I would like to do my research proposal on how well APN are trained for giving culturally competent care in practice. the sample population can be my classmates if you change the topic to Student nurse practitioner knowledge.

Added on 12.04.2015 13:20
please use this guideline for completing my research proposal
1. formulating research problem and purpose.
2. review of relevant literature ( not more than 5 years old, has to be peer review)
3. Develop a framework
4. making assumptions explicit
5. Formulating research objectives, questions or hypothesis
6. Defining study variables
7. Selecting a research design
8. Defining Population or sample ( the populations can be the students enrolled in FNP programs at my university)
9. Selecting methods of measurement
10. Developing a plan for data collection and analysis
and also see the attached file for more detail
thank you very much

Added on 15.04.2015 00:46
Hello dear writer,
I just wanted to let you know that this paper is due on Friday april 17th. thank you for your hard work,