Ultural Competency in Medicine-vignette

Create/write a clinical vignette or scenario of the interaction between a clinician or a technician in Vascular Sonography ( which use ultrasound of vasculature to rule in or out Venous or arterial problems) and a patient from a culture you chose (Anything OTHER than Mexican, American, or Iranian would be fine) . Use reading (attached in the resources) “Quality Care for Diverse Populationsas a guide. Include at least one of the following tools: LEARN, BATHE, TRANSLATE, or ETHNIC in your vignette. These pneumonic tools have been attached in the resources page. You must provide a brief cultural overview then present the vignette. Use references when appropriate and in APA format. I have attached a copy of a sample work for you to get an idea. Please let me know if you are or are not able to compelete the order on time ASAP becuase i have had bad experinces previously.