Ultural Considerations in the Design and Localisation of International Websites

As the title says, a 3500 words essay to describe cultural considerations in the Design and localisation of International websites for Master degree. Need to be marked over 50 to get a pass, and it would be better to get 60 to get a 2:1 degree. Now the original work has been corrected by the teacher and left some comments. There are some grammar mistakes and also need a better construction. whats more it need to add some more content and references. The original work and the lecture notes for the course would be provided. there are also some resources provided.

The original works table of content and introduction as below (teachers comments in the big brackets):

Table of Contents

Introduction 3
Necessity of Localisation 4
Cultural Considerations 5
Language 5
Colour 7
Picture and Sign 8
Layout and Presentation 9
Content 10
Gender and Race 10
Politics 11
Religion 11
Conclusion 12
Bibliography 13


With the development of globalisation, there are more enterprises involved in world business. These enterprises extend their business into the global market and most of them set up branches in many different countries as to provide their products or services directly in the local market. Such international enterprises are facing challenges from the global market. Under the background of the modern information society, it is obvious that the Internet is already become one of the most effective ways to promote business. Therefore the international enterprises who want to make sure they can gain profits more efficiently in the fierce market competition should definitely design their websites in different languages and localise them to adapt to the local culture.
Sun (2004), who is a senior localisation specialist from a software localisation company in Shenzhen, defines localisation as a process to custom-make software, websites, or documents according to the demands of the target country, or market, in order to eliminate the cultural barriers.
a?examples needed for this paragrapha a?Mosta of the other definitions of localisation also stress that website localisation is a?intendeda to revise the website to make a?the websitei??tantologyi?0 a accord with the target culture so that the information on the website can be accessed and used by the target users more easily. It is an all-round process so the designer of the website must consider anya?i?Ya aspect of it over all. The designer should not only be a programming experta?whyi?Ya , but also be familiar with the target culture knowledge, and of course, master the target language.
It can be seen a?howi?Ya that the basic object of localisation is to eliminate cultural barriers. Therefore the cultural considerations are definitely necessary and even almost the most important a?thinga in the design and localisation of international websites. The essay is going to start with describing the necessary of localisation of international websites. Next there are some analyses of important cultural considerations, such as language, colour, images and symbols, layout and data formatting, and also content of the website etc., with detailed examples. [Also discuss a little about the possible misunderstandings which are a stereotype of culture in the considerations.] Finally a conclusion will be presented.