Ultural Context: The History and theory of Architecture

hello, there are two assessments, the first one is the essay proposal and the second one is the essay.

for now i want the first assignment only and who ever do my first assignment he has to to my second assignment later when Im ready to order it.

for the 1000 word essay there are 4 themes so please choose only one which you can do better and gain more marks so basically do whatever theme you feel happy with and you think you know more about.

please send it back as soon as you finish it.

please read both files as they are important, one of them is the assignment and the other one is introduction on how to achieve the assignment and how to do it.

please contact me if u need to ask about any thing.

Ultural Context: The History and theory of Architecture

please read the assignment brief and the proposal you write in the last (Cultural Context assignment part one) as this is the second part of the assignment.

regarding the sources you write 20 sources in part one which is the proposal so for the second assignment i think you should include the same sources and maybe include more if u need too.

the proposal was really good and Im expecting the second assignment to be the same or better quality and i have faith on you that you can achieve it.

thanks and please let me know if you need any information.

Added on 04.02.2015 19:56
In the assignment brief the is assignment one and assignment two
you already write a proposal which is the assignment one, now I need assignment two, please read the proposal and the assignment brief part two.