Ultural Differences and Motivational Factors in International Organisations

Dear writer, perhaps by explaining what I have in mind first, it will make it easier for you to research and write this paper as well as help you to meet my expectations.

First of all this is a 4000 word essay titled  Cultural Differences and Motivational Factors in International Organisations .

This essay is a first part of a bigger (8000 word) essay which I need in two parts. So this essay (essay 1) should Describe, Define and Discuss, it doesn t need to Analyze, Argument or give Opinion in its main text but should touch on these points in conclusion for expansion in essay 2.

As the title might suggest the essay should investigate the role of cultural environment in international operations. And concentrate on the theories of motivation, cross cultural differences, and the role of cultural values in motivation.

 In this age of growing globalisation, people from different countries and of different cultures find themselves working together and communicating more and more. The rise of multinational corporations and outsourcing have played a crucial part in globalisation I want to investigate issues like  motivating people and whether well known motivational theories can be applied cross-culturally. (for example do the same factors motivate people in China as they do in UK.)

I need to incorporate and discuss in this essay motivation theories like Maslows hierarchy of need, Cognitive Evaluation Theory, Herzberg s two factors theory as well as any other relevant motivation theories. Also when talking about cultures, Hofstedes Cultural Dimensions should be discussed.

So, to sum up this essay should be:

” Descriptive
” Places topic in context (for purposes of expansion in essay 2)
” Like a literature review

This is a suggested essay plan:

” Introduction
” Body
” Sub-theme one
” Transition
” Sub-theme two
” Transition
” Sub-theme three
” Summary/ conclusion

I hope that explains what I need if not i can explain in more detail, however at this poin i myself not sure about the direction this might take, (considering I will have to write essay 2)
No spicific books that i have in mind. Books, Journals, Acticles and Internet sources can be used.