Ultural Differences and Similarities two artists, one from Germany, the other from the United States

Essay developing your own position regarding

Cultural Differences and Similarities

In this context, we focused on some of the issues raised in association with the Zeitgeist exhibition, and we compared this with the work of a number of artists working in the United States during the same period.
Please select two artists, one from Germany, the other from the United States. The German artist should belong to the neo-Expressionist movement, and the American artist should be part of the Metro Pictures stable..
Making specific reference to examples of the artists work, provide short responses to the following questions:
What does the work of these two artists tell us about the culture and society within which they are working?

For many critics, Postmodern art of the kind discussed here signifies a relapse into an obsolete past. Others celebrate it as a release from the strictures of Modernist painting. Which opinion do you hold?

Within Postmodernism, the viewer is acknowledged to be an active participant in an explicit dialogue between the artist, the artwork, oneself, and ones cultural context. How does a concern about the way in which an artwork is received affect the practice of these two artists?
How can we judge the work of these two artists? Can we now accept that art is to be judged by criteria that reside outside the formal stuff of the canvas and the materials?
You should embed graphics in your short answers.
you have to provide more of your own observations here of specific details as evidence of your perspective.