Ultural differences can be difficult to manage, even if are anticipated

Instruction on assigment
topic Cultural difficulties can be difficult to manage, even if they
anticipated( Schuler R et al 2004)
Hand in date 19 May.
To disscus this assertion in relathion to how managers can overcome problems
arising from cultural diffirences of employee in 3500 word essay/ report
Schuler R et al Managing people in cross border allinces(2004) Routledge

Essay should be structured introduction, main body, conclution. 3500 words
excluding appendices.
Should contain examples and in particular organizational examples.
The work should be referenced and provide bibliography accoding to the
correct conventions.
The work should bring together evidences of the research into and
understanding of any accademic work/ literature and application of this to
organizational examples and chosen area of IHRM/Management.
recommended sources:
J. Stewart Black C Hal B. Gregersen C Mark E. Mendenhall C Linda K. Stroh
(1999) Globalizing People Through International Assignments (Addison Wesley Longman)

Evans Pulic Barsoux (1996) The Global Challenge (Frameworks for IHRM (Magraw Hill Irwin)

Graham Hollingshead & Mike Leat (1995) Human Resource Management C An
International and Comparative Perspective (Financial Times Pitman

John H. Dunning (1998) Multinational Enterprises and the Global Economy
(Addison C Wesley Publishing Company Inc.)

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Dowling p, Welch D and Schuler R (1999) International Human Resource
Management C International Thompson

Dereskey, H. (1997) International Management (Managing across Borders and
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Journal of International Business Studies
Journal Of International Human Resource Management
International Journal of Intercultural Relations