Ultural Diversity Novel Study Assignment: The Kite Runner

Cultural Diversity Novel Study Assignment

The effective child and youth worker is culturally knowledgeable and sensitive to the perceptions and needs of people across divergent cultures. At time, child and youth workers may find their own values challenged as they interact with others from different value orientated. The following assignment is designed to facilitate the studentas ability to understand, empathize and effectively respond to others of variety of ethnic and cultural background. The paper encourages the students to examine their own biases and perceptions and to develop a plan for how they will effectively intervene in the lives of families of divergent cultures.

The Student will read the book by Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner and answer the following questions:

1) Prior to reading the novel, what were your general ideas and perceptions pertaining to the life and culture in Afghanistan? Describe briefly at least three perceptions that you held and believed pertaining to the way of life; values adhered to, the quality of life, etc. of the people of Afghanistan.

2) Describe briefly how you feel that reading the novel has challenged or changed your previous conceived beliefs in question #1.

3) Briefly describe your personal reaction to the novel. Discuss elements of the story where your felt that your own values conflicted with those of the characters in the novel.

4) In North American society in general, discuss similar groups/segments of society where you feel that two different groups of people are treated differently based upon lines of gender, ethnicity, wealth, political affiliation, race, religion, etc. similar to the Pashtuns and the Hazaras. How will this impact you in your works a future child and youth worker?

5) In your own words, describe a time when Amir was faced with decision that would forever change his life. What were his options? How did he make his decision, For example, what influenced his actions? How did his actions forever affect his life?

6) Hassan demonstrated tremendous loyalty and resilience throughout the novel. What values were inherited in his decision to accept responsibility for the items belonging to Amir being found in the hut? Why would he jeopardize the safety and security of his family knowing that they would have to leave?

7) How will you as a future child and youth worker ensure that in reaching out to families of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds that you remain effective and sensitive to their needs?


-This is a NOVEL STUDY based on a book, a?The kite Runnera?.
-Use only the book to reference specific events/examples.
-Answer each question with number specifying the question that is being answered.
-Be specific and please read the book. Having trouble understanding the book hereas a link to clarify things: 4 page long. This is just a guide.