Ultural diversity Western Civilization Readings in Philosophy, Literature,Science and religion

One classic conception of a literary Tragedyinvolves the following three general criteria:

1) There is a central character, The Tragic Hero, who generally have positive, superior, and exceptional qualities which make him admire by others.

2) Nevertheless, the hero makes some kind of mistake or Hamartia(From the Greek, referring to an archer or spearman missing the target). This mistake may or may not be the result of a flaw of character, may be a simple accident, or may be the result of deliberate wrongdoing.

3) This error leads to a (generally quite substantial) reversal of fortune, in which the hero loses power, prestige, the success of the quest, of often his or her own life.

This radical downfall creates a sense of pity and fear in the audience, and is meant to lead to a healing catharsis.

Given this understanding of tragedy, do you think the Gospel of Mark ( taken as a work of literature), can be read as a tragedy? How do you think your answer might change if the Gospel ended at 16:8 (as many scholars think it originally did)?

Your answer can involve a range of options. You can argue that the Gospel CAN be read as a tragedy, that it CANNOT be read as a tragedy, or that it can only PARTIALLY be read as a tragedy (meaning there are compelling arguments on both sides). Be sure to use text evidence to support your position. Use the criteria for the structure of your paper.

* Please write a full 4 pages essay and do not write the question in the essay that i have given you.