Ultural Endemic Disease/Condition/Illness

NURS 332 Writing Assignment Grading Rubric

APA Professional Paper: Cultural Endemic Disease/Condition/Illness

a?To read professional nursing literature relevant to the care of client conditions.

a?To critically read a minimum of two journal articles which identify and discuss endemic diseases and/or syndromes in cultures, countries, and/or ethnic groups. (See examples and ideas from (Ethnic-/Race-Specific or Endemic Diseases categories under each country in the book Cultural Health Assessment).

a?To continue improvement of the studentas ability to clearly and effectively communicate in writing.
Content: Read (minimum) of two (2) peer reviewed articles (Wikipedia does not count) from any of the professional nursing or related medical journals published within the past six years. See search engines through the Library, such as PubMed, Cinahl, Internet search, and others. The journals must be peer reviewed journals/articles.

Requirements and Deadlines:
1. The paper is to be clearly written, use appropriate American Psychological Association Manual, 6th ed. formatting, typed, and not to exceed 4 (minimum of three) pages (title page and reference pages excluded, no abstract required). Please attach photocopies of the referenced articles.

2. See page APA (6th Ed.) book for sample manuscript. No abstract for paper needed. Page headers should be the title of paper.

I chose Malaria in the Philippine culture. Although it can be about any culture/disease, so if the writer has a better idea, Im open to suggestions.