Ultural enviornment and consumer behaviour in france

MKT 485 Assignment requirements

How the cultural environment of France influences consumer behaviour and marketing decisions in that country

a? Give an overview of the cultural environment of your allocated country.
a? Include coverage of at least one of the key academic cultural models.( hOfstede model Consumer ethnocentricism and consumer consmopolitanism with reference to france)
a? Use examples to show how cultural factors have influenced consumer behaviour and marketing issues in France..
required to write a 2,000 word report describing ALL elements of the international marketing environment and explaining how they impact upon marketing decisions.

Kindly use HOFSTEDE Cultural model with reference to france and also other appropriate models inorder to explain the same.
Also talk about consumer cosmopolitanism and consumer enthnocentricism with refrence to france.

a? Have a logical structure and cover all elements of the international marketing environment in a balanced manner.
a? Demonstrate a clear understanding of the international environment issues that may influence marketing decisions in the allocated markets.
a? Select and discuss specific marketing decisions (such as market selection, marketing mix, marketing research) that may be influenced by the international marketing environment.
a? Include reference to and presentation of data that supports the arguments made.

Your assessment should be presented in a report format with a word limit of 2,000 words. The assignment should be typed or word-processed using one side of the sheet only. Spelling and grammar should be accurate, and the tone should be impersonal. The style should be simple and direct, with appropriate use of headings and bullet points. Use tables and diagrams to summarize and explain. Tables, figures and appendices do NOT contribute to the word count but should not be used to excess. Use appendices for relevant supporting information, do not include appendices that are not referred to in the text or are not directly relevant to points raised. You should indicate the reportas word count on the front cover. Assignments that exceed the word limit may be subject to a penalty (mark deduction). Your aim should be to ensure the reader has an immediate and effective understanding of your arguments. You should note that it is YOUR interpretation, evaluation, application and conclusion that are more important than the simple tabulation of information or presentation of theory.

a? Demonstration of a clear understanding of the elements of the international marketing environment.
a? Identification of specific links between the elements of the marketing environment and marketing decisions.
a? Use of appropriate data to support the arguments made.
a? Presentation of relevant examples
a? Clarity of the structure and content of the report.
a? Good presentation and grammatical accuracy.
a? Correctly referenced, using the APA system.