Ultural Geography Project (how does the place related to cultural performance?)

a) Paper length: 6-7 pages (around 2000 words), 12 pt font, Times Roman, double spaced
b) Chicago style bibliography (in-text citation)
c) A minimum of 3 outside academic sources. Absolutely no wikipedia or the like. Books must be from an academic press. Articles must be from academic journals.

Try to link the essay to those readings :
Readings a
1) Cultural Geography Reader: 29-39 (a?Thick Description:
Toward an Interpretive Theory of Culturea? by Clifford Geertz)
Readings a
a?Clifford Geertz and the
Strong Program: The Human Sciences and Cultural Sociologya? and
a?Deep Play: Notes on the Balinese Cockfighta? by Clifford Geertz
Readings a
a?Self as Presentationa? (excerpts) by Erving Goffman
Readings a
Cultural Geography Reader: 257-263 a?A Global Sense of
Placea? by Doreen Massey

d) Your paper must have a strong, clear thesis statement (a thesis statement does not have to be a single sentence.)
e) Your paper ultimately must be a clear defense of this thesis statement. What are you explaining? What is the evidence you will bring forth in this explanation?
f) Your paper must have a clear structure with a logical progression.


We will help you in crafting your ethnography from the exploratory to the focused stage by offering some basic methodological suggestions on how to go about doing fieldwork research. For each step, we will provide you with guidelines that suggest a straightforward path that stretches from assignment #1 to assignment #3. This path involves four short methodological guidelines that are available on the course website.

Description about the final project

The goal of this project is to help you to develop a sensitivity for seeing the cultural and geographical worlds as mutually constitutive. You will do this by 1) using the concepts, theories, and debates from the readings and lectures and 2) applying them to the action you see in the real world around you. Your main goal will be to develop an understanding of how cultural performances are achieved in the real world. Donat worry if you have no idea what is meant by a?cultural performance.a? By the end of week 4, youall be much more comfortable with this term.

As nascent cultural geographers you will be looking particularly at how cultural performances necessarily draw on place (or, to be more precise, the material environment). In order to do this you will choose a field site (an actual place) and a particular type of performance to study. In your final paper you will explain how the particular type of performance you studied is related to the place (material environment) in which it is situated.