Ultural implications for nursing care during life transitions

FORMAL PAPER: Cultural Implications for Nursing Care during Life Transitions

Each cultural group has a traditional view of health and illness. Likewise, they each have traditional methods for maintaining, protecting and restoring health as they understand and define health. These traditional methods often have a spiritual belief component that influences the manner in which an individual views various life transitions. Health care providers have an obligation to consider these cultural perspectives in planning with the client and family to meet health care needs during these transitions.

The student is to utilize a theoretical framework to explore the cultural/spiritual/ belief practices in a selected population and to identify the implications for the nurseas assessment, planning and implementation of care for individuals/families during a specific life transition.

Course competencies met with this assignment

a? 1. Writing skills from E 101-102.
a? 6. Uses APA format in selected written assignments.
a? 10. Defines, discusses and applies basic concepts of critical thinking in selected written and group assignments.
a? 14. Identify key nursing concepts needed to successfully work with selected cultural groups and the role of nursing globally.
a? 15. Identify aspects of culture diversity and application in nursing assessment.
a? 17. Explores culture and belief systems as they relate to health, wellness, and illness.
a? 18. Identify values and beliefs of Western biomedicine as they relate to healthcare.

Grading: The paper is worth 100 points.


Choose one of the following populations to explore beliefs and customs related to health/illness and life transitions. To promote new learning, students are expected to select a group outside of their personal frame of reference.
HISPANIC (This is the one Ive chosen) Buddhist Chinese
African-American Bosnian Korean
Jewish Romanian Vietnamese
Arab Basque American Indian
Other cultures will be considered with permission of the faculty

Choose one of the following periods of life/health transitions to focus your discussion and plan of care.
Pregnancy and Birth (This is the one Ive chosen)
Elder care (care of parent or grandparent)
Children and families
End of life issues

Identify the cultural framework you will use for your discussion.

a? Leiningeras Sunrise Model
a? Purnell and Paulonka
a? Giger and Davidhizer (This is the one Ive chosen)

Research and present the following information related to the cultural/spiritual beliefs and practices. Your audience is the beginning general practice nurse.

Describe the cultural framework used for discussion (Giger and Davidhizer)
Cultural/spiritual beliefs in relationship to health and illness in general
Cultural / spiritual beliefs related to selected transition period (pregnancy and Birth)
Implications regarding communication with client / family
Implications regarding the nursing process
Identify 3 culturally appropriate nursing interventions with rationale / reference

1.Minimum of 3 professional references and one professional web site (university, professional organization, healthcare organization etc.) (Total of 4 references)
2.It is recommended Professional references should be no more than 5 years old. However, it is acknowledged that more current references may be difficult to obtain for some topics. Talk with instructor if you are having difficulty locating current references.

The submitted paper is to be in APA format and must include:

1.The text of the paper should be 3 pages. Double spaced, printed on one side of the paper.
2.Paper must be in Times New Roman with a 12 point font.
3.There must be a 1 inch margin on all sides.
4.A running head must appear in the top left margin and page numbers in the top right margin.
5.Each section of the paper must be identified with level 1 headers and possibly level 2 headers.