Ultural influence in Architecture. A casestudy of HSBC HEadquarter building, Hong Kong Norman Foster)

My topic for dissertation ia cultural impact in architecture. Ive chosen this topic because personally have lived in different countries and have been immensely mesmerised by the different Cultureaffect upon the people and its habitat. From traditional religious beliefs to modern scientific discoveries all has positively shaped the architecture of buildings.
In this essay i will be analysing the does upto what extend cultural values of ones impact shape their architecture??
Does cultural values and environment change the architecture structure???
What happened to the architecture that holds past and old cultural influences?
Does it still holds the same cultural values or do people change the view towards it??? What role canarchitecture play as a form of cultural expression?
Does it still culture and believs gives the identfication to the architecture or its is viceversa?
what is architecture capable of communicating in its current means of production???
How does architecture participate in cultural and individual identity formation??
what contemporary architecture play in the expression and developement of the ideas and values of a culture and in the intellecutual development of individual?