Ultural Influences on International Marketing

Subject: International marketing

Topic: Cultural Influences on International Marketing
First : list the general cultural influences on international marketing,
then go specific with the impact of cultural food in marketing

Choose an article from a journal and write a review of the paper and then present the main theme of the same paper in the respective workshop. There are 15 marks for the review and 15 marks for the presentation. The articles must have relevance to some aspects of the international marketing topic covered in the unit.

Students are required to critically review the paper covering the following aspects:
1. Comment on the introduction and background of the topic
2. Comment on the objectives and methodology used
3. Critically analyse the major findings
4. Comment on the implications for international marketing theory and practice
5. Your own conclusion based on what you have leant from the paper

Some of the possible sources of the paper for review and presentation are as follows:

a? European Journal of Marketing
a? Journal of International Marketing
a? Australasian Marketing Journal
a? International Marketing Review
a? Journal of Global Marketing
a? Asia Pacific Journal of Marketing and Logistics
a? Asian journal of Marketing
a? Journal of Asia Pacific Business
a? Journal of marketing
a? Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science and other relevant journals
finally I have favor to send me the journal article that you ganna summerise.