Ultural Policy in Contemporary Dance in the UK

Focusing on contemporary dance and ethnic diversity write a report which:

Identifies the strengths and weaknesses in contemporary dance in relation to diversity.

Evaluates the activities within contemporary dance in relation to diversity. How well are organisations within the sector meeting the aims and objectives of their funders? How well are the funded organisations meeting their own aims and objectives?

The report should also demonstate an understanding of current legislation and major policy initiatives in the UK and their relation to policies for diversity. The report will need to draw on funding guidelines and published reports as well as publicity materials in gathering information about the objectives and outcomes of these initiatives.

Looking at both qualitative and quantitative outcomes of the key strategies key strengths and weaknesses need to be identified against key policy criteria (drawn from the relevant current UK national policies). Potential strategies should be outlined to address any weaknesses you identify and also look at future directions.

As well as general observations, the organisations below can be used as examples:
Rambert Dance Company
Sadlers Wells

The structure of the report should be as follows:

Section 1Policy, including Arts Council of England Policy

Section 2The Contemporary Dance Sector:
Overview of the art form
Organisations within the contemporary dance sector.

Section 3 -The organisations & company policy

Section 4Access:
Projects Reflecting Diversity

Section 5Summary
The Way Forward in the future