Ultural Preferences and End-of-Life Care

Read the article: Kagawa-Singer, M., & Blackhall, L.J. (2001). Negotiating cross-cultural issues at the end of life.You got to go where he lives.JAMA: Journal of the American Medical Association, 286(23), 2993-3001.Then right a two pages response that address the following:
1.) Identify the cultural/ethnic group you have selected.
2.) Summarize significant findings about this group that inform attitudes and preferences around end-of-life care (e.g., informed consent, life support, advanced directives, communication styles, and/or decision making, etc.), and cite your sources of information
3.) What are the challenges in ensuring that patients (or their surrogates) understand their rights and that their consent is truly informed?
4.) What are the legal/ethical implications of these challenges for healthcare professionals? How can they help prevent cultural misunderstanding or discrimination, and address problems when they do arise? Please use heading and subheadings when appropriate.