Ultural representation of Italians in the media. Looking at the MTV series Jersey Shore

This paper is to be written at a post-graduate level.

The topic of the essay is the National representation of Italians through the media, specifically the MTV series Jersey Shore. The cultural representation of Italian-Americans on this show is extremely evident and I would like the essay to look at this as an example. Shows like the Sopranos can also be discussed but the main example should be on Jersey Shore and relating the series to the term Anti-Italianismwhich seems to have a lot of work written on it. I briefly searched the term Anti-italianismon Google and a lot of websites and authors came up which related exactly to the television series Jersey Shore.

Theory also needs to be applied to the essay and I thought Stuart Halls, Representation: Cultural Representations and Signifying Practicewould be beneficial. Any other material or theory that the writer believes may fit is great as well.

Please dont hesitate to ask any questions!!! Thank you