Ultural Studies , Fashion Popular Pleasure and the Media

Essay presented in academic form with bibliography 2,000-2,500 words

Answer the following question:
 The representation of gender in mainstream culture is profoundly asymmetrical.
(Costera Meijer, I. & van Zoonen, L. 2002. Chapter 23  From Britney Spears to Erasmus: women, men & representation in Briggs & Cobley (eds.) The Media: an introduction (2nd edition). Harlow: Longman, p.334)

Evaluate this statement with reference to two examples from the media.
Please compare representation of male and female
Please include some pictures of a magazine representation
example Obama according to the mazine
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harvard referencing
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Very accessible essay that looks at the  grammar of advertising, noting its power to manipulate viewers.

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Accessible exploration of how the male gaze works in popular imagery
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Explores the development of the profession of fashion modelling in the context of changing techniques of femininity and new forms of consumer fashion.
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Explains how certain key theories can be used in the study of the magazine including subjectivity, ideology, discourse and semiotics
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