Ultural Tourism in Newcastle UK as a Part of Urban Tourism Sequel

Your task is to continue my research project. I attached you my First part of the project, which is Title, Rationale, Aim and Objectives and my Questionnaire. You must write the rest of my parts of the research project.

Part 2: Literature reviewIn this part you must write 1400 words

Discussion of relevant literature: both urban tourism and literature that relates to your chosen topic
Purpose: To engage with academic literature, theory and concepts.
This section should be grounded in your reading and academic writing
Recommendation: 500 words on Urban Tourism. One or Two further but shorter sections on literature that relates specifically to your topic or research questions.

You must write Literature review, so in the literature review you need to support my aim and objectivesa¦a¦a¦..You must to use references ONLY from books and journal articles that are related to my first part. So state what your researching and what academic resources you have found to back up idea or to critically evaluate it. In literature review you must use academic books that sustain your ideas/objectives from the first part. You need to talk abouta¦a¦a¦. These books that you will use must support my Aim and Objectives! So state what your researching and what academic resources you have found to back up your idea or to critically evaluate it. You must follow my Aim and Objectives. The reference list must be only from BOOKS and JOURNAL ARTICLES WITHOUT INTERNET SOURCES! And Without plagiarism!


Part 3: MethodologyIn this part you must write 500 words

Purpose: Explain exactly how you organized your research how you intend to collect data!

Methods should be clearly explained and justified
How did you structure questionnaire (put the questionnaire empty with out answers how I attached you in the appendix)
Limitationswhat problems did you face and how could be overcome?

In section 3 you must explain how you collected the data. In the methodology you must do both explain the structure of the questionnaire and a reason why questionnaires are an appropriate method for your research. A reason why participant observation is an appropriate method for your research.

Your aim is to write why I use mixed method which include questionnaire and participant observation. First you should explain why I use mixed method with your words and after that you should explain separately about participant observation and questionnaire why I use them, why they are useful for my project? You must explain why I use participant observation and questionnaire, and why they are useful for my project?

Participant observationDiscuss the process of observation e.g. when? How? By Whom? Where did you research at different time; what was your focus on; you will writer that when you made Participant observation in Part 4.

QuestionnaireWhere I ask people these questions (E.g. in front of some Cultural sight or at some cultural event … it depend of you must specify this according to my aim and objectives ). I attached you my questionnaire you must explain the structure of the questionnaire (donat talk about questions themselves. Just talk about the structure e.g. the first section of questionnaire is about ; the second sections is abouta¦; and the third is abouta¦, just a few sentences, not too much) and the reason why questionnaire are appropriate method for my research

Part 4: Results and discussionIn this part you must write 1900 words

The first step is to answer my questionnaire 50-60 times in your computer that I attached you. You must fill the questionnaire because you are not going to Newcastle UK asking real people. Just fill it 50,60 times the questionnaire with your answers and then on your computer enter the data on Microsoft Excel that you have collected from the people (your answers). In this part you must create simple tables, bar charts from your data collected with Microsoft Excel. Induce tables which the data is most relevant to my project. When you create tables put them in this part 4. Put tables which you think that support my Aim and Objectives. You must explain and analyse them without references, because you should explain them with your words. When you choose tables the explanation should be under every table!

Your second step is to write Participant observation that you observe in Newcastle UK in front of or near by some Cultural sight or some cultural event (it depend of you what you are going to choose according to my aim and objectives ) but you must have specific place where you observe. You can have two places where you observe in one daya¦ or only onea¦ but should have name of this Cultural place. You have to write that you observe something in these places that is related with my Aim and Objectives.

Organise into sections/subheadings
Explain your results
Critically analyse your finding
Compare finding to concepts, similar studies and literature
Pay attention to objectives

It is up to you what you induce in the repoort please choose the data most relevant to your project . In section four explain the results which would
include any Excel tables and your participant observations

Part 5: ConclusionIn this part you must write 500 words

In this part you have to:
Summary of your main or most important findings
Answer your research questions (Aim and Objectives)
Reflect on project as a whole


You must write my references from part 1 and part 2 of my project in alphabetical order

You have references only in part 1 and part 2

Appendixmy questionnaire

These also was my tutor recommendation after he saw my first part so it also can help you :
Have a focused area use a particular area of Newcastle. Define Newcastles culture this will help you in creating your research questions. What is so unique and special about Newcastles culture, how does this project to an international and national audience. What are the driving factors for visitation . Has the developments of Newcastle been centred around this culture if so how? Have the developments enhanced or made the cultural aspects more prominent.

Define Culture then focus on Newcastles Culture and its influence in terms of Regional, National and International audiences. What aspects are so unique and appealing, define what the driving forces are.


I attached you my first part and my Questionnaire

Please write everything Without plagiarism !

If you have any questions please write me on the message board.
Thank you