Ultural tourism in Newcastle UK as a part of Urban tourism


My subject at the university is Urban Tourism and my aim and objectives must be related with cultural tourism in Newcastle UK. In this part you have to include information about both of them Urban Tourism and Cultural Tourism in Newcastle UK and they must be related. You have to choose the general title of my research project.

This is the first part of my research project.

– Purpose Introduce your topic, area of study
– What is your project about?
– What is your rationale for completing the project?
– What is your overall aim?
– What objectives have you set ( 3 objectives that offer points of analysis and meet overall aim)
– Structure of the project
– Study area: Introduce Newcastle

Section 1:
Title, Rationale, Aims and Objectives

The title should reflect the project content

The Rationale should outline the background to the project and make reference to some relevant literature. Set out a reasoned case as to why your research is needed/ worthwhile and how your work build on what literature/research exists already. The background section should lead smoothly into a statement of the research questions and aims and objectives

– State clearly what you are trying to achieve overall.

– State precisely. Identify clear goals for the research; indicate what your intended purposes are.

5 References ONLY books and journal articles without any internet sources!

Please without plagiarism.