Ultural Transformation in Extended Care Nursing Homes

Specific articles and powerpoint presentations will be included will be emailed/uploaded to writer. The writer for this assignment must have a mastery over the English language -no foreign writers please! Grammar, flow, and concise form of sentences is essential. The 9 components are as follows:Introduction to the paper this section provides and overview of what the reader can expect to review in the paper.
2. Introduction to the project this section provides an overview of the project and issue(s) it addresses.
3. Background of the issue(s) and possible resolutions, with a well-developed focus on the purpose of the project.
4. Overview of your project.
5. Review of the literature.
6. Theoretical framework for the project.
7. Conclusion to the project how it will be implemented in the setting; what possibilites exist to expand this work beyond the setting.
8. Conclusion to the paper this section summarizes key points of the paper in an organized and concise manner.
9. Reference List this page includes all references used for the paper; it must include scholarly works.