Project Number: 1

The last two decades witnessed increase in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) through international mergers and acquisitions (IM&As).

Choose two different national cultures and analyze the different integration mechanisms** partner managers will utilize based on their value orientation, highlighting whether these cultural differences will have a positive or negative impact on the outcome of the IM&As. please follow the instruction givin in the attachment

** Integration mechanisms:
Integration: is the convergence of both cultures without a dominant culture by cultural and structural change.
Assimilation: means where the acquirer fully absorbs the acquired firmsa culture.
Separation: is the process where the acquired firmas culture has not changed much due to little culture exchange.
Deculturation: results in a totally new operation and a system that is different from the old ones.

Question to answer separately.(around 200 hundred words)

As our world becomes a small village, your employees increasingly work with people from other cultures. To survive in todayas global market; you must train your employees to work effectively with other cultures.

Create a training worksheet that could help a manager to understand more effectively people from other cultures. You are expecting to cover all the key components of culture including values and beliefs, communication styles, negotiation styles, leadership styles, national and organizational cultures, and myopia managers

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