Ulturally Appropriate CLT for Japanese High School English Class

1. Paper subject is EDUCATION. It is a distance MA course for the University of Birmigham.

2. Requirements of writers qualification.
I want the writer, ID number 19381, to work on my paper. I have already confirmed that he is available for this dissertation proposal through the message board. So the writer 19381 is now ready to take this order and he is waiting my making an order.
Please be sure to assign me the writer 19381. I will not make an order if you ever assign me another writer.

3. I will upload other studentsa example of Dissertation proposal, so the writer can use it as information.

4. This dissertation proposal form is supposed to be information for the University to assign me the supervisor for my dissertation. The dissertation project will start from October, 2013, and I intend to make an order for this dissertation of 12000 words in October and would like you to assign me the writer ID 19381 for the dissertation also.

5. As for the dissertation proposal form, the writer needs to fill in the following sections:
a?» Working Title/Topic area
a?» Possible research questions/hypotheses:
a?» Possible data collection methods and data sources
a?» Any other information you want to add a this stage.

6. The writer does not need to fill in the section a?What books/articles/authors have you read or heard about that you think are relevanta, but instead of this Reference information, I would appreciate if the writer fills in the brief outline of the dissertation in this section, or possibly his idea on Research method for this dissertation.

i? . I would like the writer to submit the dissertation proposal form in WORD doc. File.