Ulturally diverse learning disabled children…..(see instruct)

The research paper must be 15 pages in length and must be comprehensive. Each aspect of the topic must be addressed SEPARATELY and EXTENSIVELY, and evidence from books, articles and professional web sites must be used to support the arguments and conclusions.
TOPIC: The achievement of culturally diverse children, as a group, has often been below that of white children and a disproportionately large number of children identified as disabled come from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Referral, assessment, placement, and instructional practices are all affected by the degree to which teachers and other education professionals respect and appreciate the unique needs of children from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds. Providing equal educational opportunity for exceptional children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds requires knowledge about and sensitivity toward their diversity. Using RESEARC EVIDENCE to support your observations and comments, WRITE A RESEARCH PAPER ADDRESSING the following ISSUES SEPARATELY and EXTENSIVELY.
a) What are the major issues and concerns affecting educational services for culturally and linguistically diverse students with disabilities and their families?
How should assessment, curriculum, and instructional methods differ for students from culturally or linguistically different backgrounds?
b) If a student cannot speak, read, or write English well enough to progress in the school curriculum, does it make a difference whether the limited English proficiency is caused by cultural differences or by a disability?
c) What is meant by bilingual special education? Who is served in these programs?
d) Why is there such a national debate about the issue of overrepresentation of culturally and linguistically diverse students in disability categories and their underrepresentation in gifted education?
e) What initial steps can a teacher take to become culturally responsive? What steps can be taken to make the curriculum and instruction more multiculturally sensitive?
f) How can we create opportunities for children from culturally and linguistically diverse background to have equal chances to success?
g) Address recommendations university professors should implement into their curriculum for teacher training programs in order to prepare new teachers better for working with students from diverse backgrounds.
h) How can school district address the needs of culturally and linguistically different students with disabilities? What process do linguistically and culturally different students with disabilities go through from the time they are referred for evaluation to the time they are placed?
i) Now that you have gained this knowledge about culturally and linguistically diverse students with disabilities, what can you do with this information? How can you use this information to help CLD (culturally learning disabled) students with disabilities in a classroom or school? Who should you share this information with to help you improve the lives of these children?