Ulture and Communication Research Paper

The paper should present an analysis of some form of communication in a cultural context. You should provide sufficient data to exemplify the form of communication you are studying, and you should make use of the scholarly literature in developing your analysis. Your paper should be no more than ten pages in length in a 12 point font, with one inch margins. Your references and title page can be on a seperate page and do not count in the ten page total. The paper should conform to the style of Anthropological Linguistics.( Including the reference page)

Criteria for great paper topic:

1. Significance for society, culture and communication.
2. Different ways of understanding issues. Arguments about how we should think about the topic.

Possible Academic Sources:
1.journal articles
2.articles in books
3.websources ( respectable sites )
4.literary journals
5.newspapers, magazines
6. Books

Number of Sources : less than 10 ( up to 10 )

Criteria for Evaluation :

35% for the presentation of data, including the selection of data sources, identification of how the data was obtained in the original studies, written presentation of data in your paper, degree of interest generated by the data, the relative importance of the topic.

45% for analysis, including the use of the scholarly literature to generate frameworks for analysis, extent of research to identify approaches, creative contribution to the analysis ( original ideas, original ways of applying the analyses of others ), and critical views of approaches to this subject.

20% for writing, including organization , grammer, spelling, adhering to style.

I havent chosen a specific topic , please choose a topic that you find is relevant to whats said in the instructions .If you have any any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks very much.