Ulture and purchase intention for luxury consumption

Title of the journal article: Culture and purchase intention for luxury consumption.

The structure of your article should conform to the following generic guidelines:

-Title and Abstract
A structured abstract will help to set the context of your academic article. It should provide a rationale for the study, forward a clear aim, present key literature review and discussion findings and draw conclusions.

-Introduction / rationale
This should provide a background and rationale for the paper along with clear aims
and objectives (i.e. where the article is going and why it is important). The title you choose must be illustrative of the paperi??s content.

-Critical literature review and analysis
Within the central sections of your article you should critically review published work in the area. The literature that you refer to must be correctly referenced using the
Harvard system. The aim is to draw themes and concepts together in a coherent way, which addresses your research issue and argument. In doing this you must consider
opposing views and relate to current thinking and practice in the industry.

-Conclusion and implications
The final section must include a clear statement of the articlei??s implications for hospitality and tourism managers. Your personal point of view (as long as it is
reasonably supported) is appreciated and should represent part of the contribution of your article to the literature in the area. This section may also include possible areas
for further research and investigation as well as an acknowledgement of the limitations of your study.

This section must demonstrate extensive and relevant reading from a wide range of academic, trade, professional and electronic sources. Each source that you have
used and made reference to in your article must be listed here in accordance with the Business Schooli??s Harvard system. Any information you have used from the Internet must also be correctly listed.