Ulture, End of Life and Evidence Based Practice

There are 10 questions involved in this assignmnet. Each questions needs to be answered thoroughly and free fro plagerism. This assignment also requires a title and reference page. Here is the actual assignment and requirement, I will upload. I am also requesting to Tytiana #82775 as the writer. Assignment: The student is to complete written documentation of each of the behaviors listed in the syllabus related to the Culture, End of Life and Evidence Based Practice.
Example: The student would complete the responses thoroughly, you will need to address the aspect below. Be sure to include a reference page. If needed for your response, include the in-text citation. This is an independent assignment. A grade of zero will be applied if there is any evidence of Plagiarism and/or collusion.
Point allocation is:
Fully addressed each area8 for response
Addressed the response yet missed few key points6
Addressed yet missed 4 of more key points4
Did not fully address0
Maximum score for responses80
Twenty (20) point allocation
Adherence to APA10
Reference page5, must be free of errors

1. Define evidence based practice.

2. Discuss the process of how current evidence is used to make clinical decisions.

3. Formulate a clinical question about clinical practice.

4. Identify common complementary and alternative therapies used by clients based on culture.

5. Describe special considerations related to complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) usage.

6. Define culture, cultural diversity, cultural sensitivity, and cultural competence.

7. Identify specific cultural practices, which should be considered when planning nursing care.

8. List 5 End of Life considerations for a patient with End Stage Renal disease.

9. Provide 5 nursing intervention for the patient with End of Life considerations with Congestive Heart Failure.

10. Identify some differences between a patient who is Catholic, Southern Baptist, Scientologist and Jehovah Witness.